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EEGRA is the site for the Epsom & Ewell Group of Residents' Association Councillors

About SWRA

The SWRA is managed by a committee including 3 current Councillors who wish to ensure that residents of the ward enjoy a borough that is both pleasant to live in and a pleasure to work in.

We are extremely fortunate to have great facilities on our doorsteps:

Over 42% of our Borough is made up of Green Space!
Epsom Town centre with its numerous good shops
An 8 screen Cinema
Great walking and cycling on Epsom Common and Horton Country Park
Councillors that CARE about the local area
A healthy environment
Good schools creating good results
Rainbow Centre
Good restaurants
Playgrounds ....
To name but a few

If you would like to become part of a team that cares about its local area then please join us.
Members of the SWRA are invited to participate in the Annual General Meetings that are held annually and advertised in the newsletter, on this site, through Facebook, Twitter and on the noticeboards around the Borough.

It costs £3.25 per year (renewable annually through subscription) for a family
to help and support us by paying through PayPal© or on Credit Card

The funds raised annually go towards events, publicity and ensuring that we have RA Councillors elected who can support the residents and local communities when needed.

The Newsletters are self-funding through advertisers who realise that the RA's are non-political in their ways and wish to support this concept.

The Borough of Epsom & Ewell is the ONLY Borough in the country that is run by the Residents FOR the Residents!

Please support us to ensure that we can continue the work that has kept your Borough non-political for over 75 years

Epsom Well

If you think something could be done better or differently, tell us your views on our neighbourhood, the Town Centre or services and facilities offered by the Council*

*It should be noted that matters relating to Traffic, Roads and Schools, are the responsibility of Surrey County Council, although there is a Local Committee at Epsom & Ewell Borough Council through which problems in those areas can be channelled.


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About Stamford Ward


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Stamford Ward is on the South West side of Epsom and is one of the largest wards in the Borough of Epsom & Ewell - currently containing almost 3,000 households, but also a number of parks and open spaces available to its residents. The area has a long and interesting history and the Residents Association is determined to ensure that it continues to be a well maintained and pleasant  place in which to live and work.

The Stamford Ward RA is one of thirteen wards in the Borough of Epsom & Ewell. It supports the residents of the Ward if they feel they need advice on issues that they are trying to resolve with, for example, the Borough Council, Surrey County Council and the facilities they provide, the utility companies, or environmental officers. This can only be done properly and effectively if you tell us your issues and concerns.   The SWRA currently has three Borough Councillors elected within the Ward - Steve Bridger, Richard Baker and Martin Olney  - who are there to advise and help you to produce a satisfactory outcome to your problem.

Each RA functions as a voluntary and independent unincorporated association. Any resident can become a member for a small subscription (see Join the SWRA, for example) without regard to his/her political views. In some parts of the Borough more than 80% of households join their local R.A., receive its magazine or newsletter, and are able to attend meetings.
The chief officers of the RA are, typically, a chairman, secretary and treasurer who run the committee.  Other committee members take on roles such as editor for the magazine or newsletter, membership secretary, and social media supervisor, depending on how the RA's work is divided up. The Committee usually meets bi-monthly, with an Annual General Meeting to which all residents of the Ward who have subscribed as members are invited. At such meetings officers and the committee will be elected.  Other general meetings to which RA members are invited are held if any particular issue requires such an arrangement.

As well as its committee an RA will have local representatives, perhaps one for each road in its area. These road or zone representatives are responsible for keeping their ear to the ground and feeding through the views or concerns of their local residents, as well as collecting subscriptions and delivering newsletters.
Both borough and county RA councillors will attend RA committee and general meetings to enable council policy and actions to be explained, questioned and influenced. It is this frequent interchange that distinguishes the workings of an RA and its councillors from party-political councillors, where only the party faithful can attend meetings and influence their councillors, and where their councillors may be whipped to toe the party line and ignore the views of their electors.

For more information about the RA's please see www.eegra.org.uk


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